Waivers of Inadmissibility

Immigration Waivers

Overcoming bars to admission

Have you been told that that you need a waiver by a Consular officer when applying for a visa or at the border when trying to enter the United States?
It is important to remember that just because you were told that you need a waiver to enter the United States it does not mean that what you have been told is true. In our experience often times people are incorrectly told by immigration inspectors that they need a waiver to enter the United States when they are in fact admissible without one.
At the Law Office of Darryl L. Wynn, we determine at the threshold whether the law supports what you have been told by an Immigration official.
If we determine that you are in fact eligible for admission to the United States we have the tools at our disposal to help get you into the United States without having to go through the waiver process.
That being said, if we agree that you do need a waiver, we have uncommon success in obtaining them on behalf of our clients, even after they have already been denied.
If you are told that you need a waiver by a Consular Officer or at the Border:
An entry is made into their computer system, and you will be marked.
It is possible that you may have Immigration Court proceedings instituted against you, which will require you to appear before an Immigration Judge.
DO NOT sign anything at the border, and ask for permission to"withdraw your application for admission to the United States".
DO NOT attempt to go to a different location to get a more favorable answer. If you show up at a different port of entry in an attempt to gain admission to the United States and it is discovered that you were previously refused admission, you face the substantial likelihood of being expeditiously barred from the Country for five years right at the border.
Contact a competent immigration attorney as soon as possible.
If you are told that you may not enter the United States and are handed a waiver packet please consult with a competent Immigration Attorney before you attempt to return to the country. Darryl L. Wynn welcomes the opportunity to speak to you about your case.
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